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First Pitch 2023

Shepherd Awarded $4.2 million Grant

9-19-23 - The Shepherd Police Officers were given the Oath of Office and sworn in last night. The City has 2 paid positions and the rest are reserve officers that will  volunteer at least 16 hours a month to the City of Shepherd.

City News

Shepherd Middle School JROTC presented colors for the Shepherd City Council's September meeting.

Mayor Charles Minton along with City Staff met with Patrick Burks from GLO, Jed Morris- City Engineer and Ray Vann- City's Grant Administrator regarding two grants that are currently in the works. One of the grant projects will address the City's sewer system and the other grant project will be adding an additional water well to the City's water system. We are looking forward to both of these projects as it will benefit Citizen's of Shepherd but will also allow for any future growth and development that is to come.